There are two ways to activate your employees and admins on Stribe.

Activating admins and employees who have email addresses:

Watch the video below or follow the step-by-step below!

1. Click 'Users'

2. Select 'Launch'

3. Choose whether you wish to launch to 'All', 'Employees only' or 'Admins only'

4. Decide whether you want to send to 'New users' (useful if you have just added new employees to the system) or 'All users' (if you are launching for the first time).

5. Click 'Launch'!

If employees don't have email addresses on the system:

1. Simply distribute the usernames and passwords you set within your employee upload spreadsheet.

When your employees log in for the first time they will be prompted to update their password.

If you cannot see the 'Users' section within Stribe it means that you do not have the correct permissions for this action. Contact your main system Administrator to gain permission for this action. 

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