Creating an Event

  1. Click 'Create Event

  2. Set up your question type

  3. Choose an audience (this may help with future data analysis)

  4. Add a tag (this organises your questions into folders)

  5. Add a reference (this will make it easier for you to identify the question)

Joining an Event

Once you have created an event simply find it within the 'Active Events' list and click 'Join Event'

Managing Devices

Use this feature to add devices to your account. Doing this will allow you to activate Stribe Pulse Kiosk events on any connected iPads by using the 'Invite to Event' feature. 

This feature is useful if you wish to run the same event across multiple sites.

Finishing the event. 

When you’re finished press and hold in one of the bottom corners of the screen for two seconds to bring the menu up. 

Leaving an event will keep the question live, which means you can add responses at another time. 

You might want to do this if you are gathering views from staff at two different meetings. 

Ending an event will close the event, and you will not be able to reopen and add responses to that question. This will allow you to access the event report.

View Event Reports

To access your data click view 'Event Reports' then choose the category of events you wish to view. If you didn’t categorise your event you can find it in ‘Uncategorised’

Click ‘View’ to see an individual events’ results.

Press and hold to select multiple events then click ‘Compare’ to compare multiple events e.g if you want to compare surveys across a certain time period. 

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