Recognition is essential for happy teams. It helps shape a positive culture, strengthens team relationships and improves engagement. Yet 65% of employees haven’t received any recognition in the last 12 months!

Stribe’s shout-outs make it quick and simple for you and your colleagues to give those little messages of recognition that mean so much.

Shout-outs give everyone the ability to send easy and effective employee recognition. Accessible on mobile and desktop, they’re as simple as selecting who you want to recognise, telling them why and clicking send!

Once sent, the people or team that were nominated for the shout-out will be notified by email. They'll then be prompted to login to Stribe where they will be able to view their shout-out.

How to send a shout-out

  1. Log in to your employee account

  2. Navigate to shout-outs using the left-hand menu

  3. Click 'Send a shout-out'

  4. Choose the people or team you wish to recognise, the value your shout-out aligns to, leave a message detailing your shout-out, choose whether to send publicly and send!

If you choose to send your shout-out privately it will appear within your colleague's shout-out wall, but will not appear on your full organisation's wall. This is a great option for colleagues who may prefer to receive this type of praise in a more private way.

Take a look at the video below that walks you through how an employee can send a shout-out.

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