Today we have launched a couple of small updates to our Scale answer-type that will make it clearer and more consistent for you and your colleagues.

What's changed?

👋 Slider.... be gone!

We had feedback that the sliding scale wasn't clear to use for everyone.

To make it clearer we have updated the '1 - 10 Sliding Scale' to a simpler '1 - 10 Button Scale' across the web, apps and email (previously the 1 - 10 Buttons just featured in pulse campaign emails).

👏 Say hello to labels

You let us know that some colleagues were unsure about which end of the scale was 'High' and 'Low'. And, on reflection, we realised this should've been included when we launched this answer-type! You can now add labels to your scale. These give context to the scale and ensure everyone is answering consistently 🙌 You might want to use labels such as.... 'Strongly Disagree / Strongly Agree', 'Highly Unlikely / Highly Likely', 'Yay / Nay', 'Always / Never'.

The video below demonstrates how the new labels work when you're setting up a pulse question.

Let us know what you think!

We're always interested in hearing feedback about Stribe. Why? Because we want to make sure that the updates and features we introduce come from you! Chat to us today on

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