From Monday 28th June we will be changing the way Admin and Mentor profiles are managed within Stribe.

We will be combining the functionality of Admins and Mentors into the Admin profile.

This means is that if you currently have an Admin and Mentor account, only Admin will show when you initially log in. Or, if you currently have a Mentor account, it will now display as Admin when you log in. Your permissions will remain the same as they currently are. For example, if you currently only have permission to create and send pulse campaigns, your Admin profile will reflect this.

You will still need a separate employee profile to ensure that you receive the benefits of the system from an employee’s perspective e.g answering pulse campaigns and sending shout-outs and messages. If you are using the same email address for your Employee and Admin profile this option will show when you initially login.

We hope this update will streamline Stribe for you and make it simpler for you to navigate when managing your accounts.

If you have any questions or feedback for us about these changes you can reach the Stribe team at any time on

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