You're leaving us? That's ok. We're sad about it, but sometimes these things don't work out.

Before you leave you might want to take a look through Stribe and export the important bits for your HR records.

You must be logged in to an admin account - and have the correct permissions - to do this.

  1. Export Your Messages and Incidents

Export your messages and incidents to keep within your HR records for future use.

  1. Head to ' Message Search'

  2. Press 'Search' straight away to show you all of the incidents and messages on your account.

  3. Scroll through your results and select which ones you would like to export, or you can select all by ticking 'Select all results on this page'

  4. Press 'Bulk export as PDF', and you will be able to find your exported documents in your computers downloads folder

2. Export Pulse Campaign Reports

Export pulse campaign reports so you can use the data for future analysis.

  1. Head to 'Pulse'

  2. Click 'View results' for the campaign you wish to export

  3. Click 'Export event' and complete your email address. A copy of the report will be sent to your inbox.

Doing this will export a spreadsheet with your pulse campaign data in it. Repeat for all pulse campaigns you wish to keep records of.

3. Export Employee Shout-outs

Export shout-outs so that your staff have a record of their own shout-outs!

  1. Head to 'Shout-outs'

  2. Click 'Export shout-outs' in the top left corner. A copy of the report will be sent to your inbox.

Once complete this will export all shout-out data into a spreadsheet, you can then use this spreadsheet to distribute the shout-outs to staff should they wish to have a record of theirs.

4. Export User Data

If you wish to export your full user database please contact where one of the team will be happy to support.

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