From today, admins will be able to send a message to an employee from their pulse response, if the employee has given their permission.

For many of you, this will be the very thing you need to follow up with pulse responses and comments that you want to understand better!

We want to spark conversations that create meaningful change

Sometimes employees’ pulse campaign comments mention something that you need to understand better. For example, they may mention that ‘they don’t feel like they have a support system at the moment’ or that they 'have ideas for the next company conference but aren’t sure who to talk to’. Currently, you can’t follow up with these comments, which can mean that important pieces of information can get lost.

We know that conversation is an important part of building happier teams, and without it we can’t build truly create great workplaces. We’ve worked hard to come up with a solution that means you can start these conversations that will allow you to dig into the detail, whilst making sure employees to maintain their anonymity. By linking pulse responses with messages we can give everyone the best of both worlds. We protect employees’ anonymity whilst also giving you the ability to begin conversations and really get into the detail with them.

Our stance on anonymity will never change. It will always protect employees using the system, which creates an environment of trust and respect that ultimately ensures that the system is used to its full potential.

The power of anonymity will always be with employees

When answering a ‘Follow-up Question’ within a pulse survey, employees will see a check box allowing them to choose whether they want to receive a message. By default, this is ‘Off’ so they can never mistakenly agree. If they do agree, a button will appear within their pulse response in the pulse survey report. Admins can use this to create a message directly from their pulse comment.

These messages are managed in exactly the same way current messages are and can be found within your Stribe inbox. This means that the anonymity of the employee is protected at all times, and only they can reveal their identity.

See how it will work:

We love hearing your feedback! If you have an idea to make this feature - or any part of our product better - let Lucy know using!

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