We have worked hard to make sure our system is fully anonymous. Only the employee will ever be able to reveal their own identity.

Our stance on anonymity protects employees using the system, and creates an environment of trust and respect that ultimately ensures that the system is used to its full potential. And that messages and feedback are open, honest and detailed.

Stribe uses certain pieces of data such as: names, emails, teams and other segments to help admins understand trends and give insights that will help create positive change.

Employees' email addresses are used during login so that answers can be accurately attributed to their team and segments, and so employees can receive email notifications about new pulses, shout-outs and messages.

All employee data is stored securely on our servers, and is protected by strict rules and protocols. The only place an employees email can be viewed in the system is within their individual account settings. This is so that admins can update them when needed.

The employees' account settings page does not display any information related to features except any messages where they have chosen to reveal their identity.

Email addresses are not displayed anywhere else on Stribe.

To read how much thought we put into protecting employees' anonymity please visit our dedicated page that discusses it in more detail: https://stribehq.com/anonymity/

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