You will need to be logged in to an Admin account to complete this process.

To upload users head to: Settings > Employees > New Employees

Ensure the 'Employee Import' page is toggled to 'Upload Spreadsheet'. This upload method uses an excel spreadsheet. You may have obtained one from your central employee record or HR system, or you may wish to download our template spreadsheet (find this within the employee upload area). 

How to upload multiple employees:

  1. Upload your spreadsheet by dragging and dropping it onto the central area of the import page.

  2. Match required fields - These fields must be uploaded as a minimum.

  3. Match additional fields - These are extra pieces of information (we call them 'segments') that you may wish to include on your Stribe account. They may include: Role, Gender, Contract Type, Line Manager. These will be useful when you come to analyse your data and identify which trends relate to certain groups of employees.

  4. Review and confirm - The final step in the process is to review the data you have imported, double-check it is looking how you expected, and then confirm your upload!

Note: You must have all cells complete for the spreadsheet to successfully upload.

This does NOT activate your employees, you can do this at a later date. This means you can upload your employees ahead of time, and activate their accounts when you are ready to launch Stribe in your organisation.

Follow the video below for a step-by-step demonstrating how to add multiple employees:

Note: To successfully upload your spreadsheet it must contain at least:
-First Name
-Last Name
-An Email Address or (you can choose to launch without)
-Team (The team or department your employees' belong to)

The system automatically detects all other segments from the headings in the first row of your spreadsheet. 

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