If you're having trouble accessing Stribe or receiving notification emails on your servers, please tell your IT team to use the instructions below to find the links, ports and email addresses to unblock (whitelist).

Unblocking Stribe

Before launching Stribe please tell your IT team to unblock (whitelist) the following links, ports and email addresses:


api.stribehq.com (used by our mobile apps)

*.stribehq.com (used by you to access Stribe)

stribehq.link (used by your employees to answer pulse campaigns)


HTTP: Port 80

HTTPS: Port 443


notifications@stribehq.com (used for sending notifications to you) notifications@pulse.stribehq.com (used for pulse campaigns) notifications@tootmood.com (used for pulse campaigns)

Emails - Extra unblocking instructions

It's vital that all three email addresses above are added to both your safe-senders list, and are given permission to allow automatic downloading of images from the internet to ensure that your colleagues can respond to pulse questions without issue.

If the problem persists please contact hello@stribehq.com.

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