You might need to do this when your employee has had a promotion, changed their name or has a new manager.

If you need to update information for just one employee you can do this from an admin account within user settings. In there you can choose to add or update a range of information, such as:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Tag

  • Email

  • Timezone

  • Contract Type

  • Department

  • Location

  • Role

  • Holidays Due

  • Gender

  • Date of Birth

  • NI Number

  • Start Date

  • Contract

  • Line Manager

  • Leadership Team

Follow the step-by-step below:

You must be logged in to an admin account and have the correct permissions to perform this action.

  1. Log in as admin

  2. Click on 'Users' on the left-hand side

  3. Enter the employees first and last name or username and press 'Search'

  4. Click 'View' next to their name

  5. Update the information in the relevant field, either using the dropdown menu or the 'x' to clear the value and add a new one.

  6. Click 'Save'

Watch how this looks in the video below!

If you cannot see the 'Users section within Stribe it means that you do not have the correct permissions to complete this action. Contact your main system Administrator to gain permission for this action.

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