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Adding and updating segments

Learn about what segments are and how to update them

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Segments are pieces of information associated with specific employees. They're important to have because they help you identify which groups of colleagues may need support, or be experiencing specific problems. 

When thinking about which segments to use for the first time, think about your pulse campaign reports and how you might wish to analyse the data. Consider your groups of employees and the different context each operates in. For example, different teams will have different management styles, different roles/specialities may have different targets, and different locations may have different office environments. All of these differences play into how your employees will feel in work, and will present interesting trends during your analysis.

We recommend that you use as many segments as is reasonable for your workload (remember, you will need to keep them up to date too - draw a line if the segments are taking too long to maintain!) to ensure you have the greatest amount of detail in your dashboard and pulse reports. You can always update your colleagues at a later date with additional segments.

Examples of additional segments are: 

-Directorate (if different from Team)
-Line-manager? (Y/N)
-Line-manager (Name)
-Contract Type (e.g Permanent, Fixed-Term, Contractor...)
-Pay Grade
-Management Team? (Y/N)
-Job Title / Role
-Start Date


-Office Based? (Yes/No/Hybrid)


Remember - a 'Team' segment is required for an employee to be uploaded to Stribe.

Adding new segments to Stribe is quick and simple. You can do these at any time, which means your account will adapt and change with your organisation's needs.

Segments can also be created during the employee upload or update processes. Depending on your organisation, these may be easier processes to use. Why not take a look at their help articles and videos first?

Follow the step-by-step below:

You must be logged in to an admin account - and have the correct permissions - to do this.

1. Head to 'Settings' 

2. In the left hand menu select 'Employees' and then 'Segments'

3. Click 'Add a new segment'

4. Complete the boxes 'Segment name' and choose whether the segment will be a Text (Job title, Department, Gender...), Date (Start Date...) or unique field (NI number, Employee number...)

Remember - adding segments using the process below means you will need to retrospectively update any colleagues who were on the system before you made these changes (should you wish for them to show up in the segment). You can do that following this guide here.

Don't forget! You can update and add segments at any time. The process is really quick. We built it to make sure your Stribe account can change at the same pace as your organisation. Find out how here.

If you cannot see the 'Employees' section within Stribe it means that you do not have the correct permissions to complete this action. Contact your main system Administrator to gain permission for this action.

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