Resources are located in the resource hub and can be viewed by all employees via their own Stribe account (when logged in as a 'User').

Resources are used for sharing key policies or company-wide information/documents that you want all employees to have access to.

What kind of resources can I upload?

You can share resources like; annual leave policy, working from home policy, employee benefits, mental health first-aiders directory, employee handbook, health and safety, wellbeing resources, COVID-19 resources, company newsletter and even Christmas party details!

How do I upload a resource?

Resources can be created and edited when logged in to an 'Admin' account.

Click here to learn how to do this.

If you cannot see the 'Resources' section within Stribe (when logged in as admin) it means that you do not have the correct permissions to complete this action. Contact your main system Administrator to gain permission for this action.

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