Merging segments is a handy way to ensure your dashboards and reports deliver the way you need them to.

For example, if you uploaded employees within a team 'Human Resources' and others within the team 'HR' they will appear as two separate segments, even though they are the same team. Merging them will create consistency for your reports across Stribe.

Another time you may wish to use this function is if, when reviewing your segments, you realise that some of your teams will be too small to reach our anonymity thresholds (read more about those here). For example, if you have a 'Cleaning' team with two employees, and a 'Security' team with four employees you may wish to merge them and create a 'Cleaning and Security' team that totals six employees. This will make data visualisation more likely within your pulse campaign reports and give you better insights overall.

Follow the video below to see how to accomplish this!

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