Videos are a great way to communicate different pieces of information.

You can add videos to any resource you 'create from scratch'!

You will need a url to embed the video into your resource. You can get this by uploading your video to youtube, vimeo or a similar online service. These allow you to set your video to 'private' if you only wish your colleagues to view the content.

Once you have your url click the film icon (far right) within the create resource toolbar. This will show you a pop-up where you can copy and paste your video's url into.

If you want to add a video that is hosted in Google Drive, please follow the additional steps linked here.

Once you're happy with you resource simply click 'create resource'!

At the moment, unfortunately, you cannot add images to your resources. We're working on the best way to allow you to do this! It's something we're keen to get right and will let you know when this update is live 😊

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