If you've made a mistake in one of your messages, you can delete the message providing the employee hasn’t read it yet! Please note - this function is available to admins only.

1. In the Messages & Incidents tab, open up the conversation

2. Click the Delete button on the bottom right of the selected message.

Note – This will only appear if the employee hasn’t read the message yet!

3. A box will pop up saying ‘Are you sure you want to delete this unread reply?’ Click ‘Yes’

4. And it’s gone! The employee will be unable to see that there was a message there previously and you can send a new one in it's place

If you are an admin who has all permissions enabled, you can also delete other admins messages on their behalf! Speak to your support contact if you need this to be enabled.

If you’ve deleted a message and you need to view it again, follow the steps below:

1. Open Message & Incident Search

2. Narrow down your search by selecting the relevant dates and filters

3. Scroll down to find the your message and click to open

4. Select View Audit Log (under the message title at the top)

5. Your audit log will contain any activity from the message thread, including the deleted message

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