Permission levels within Stribe are managed using two accounts: Employee and Admin.

If you require a colleague to have admin access you will need to create an additional account for them. This means they will have two accounts on Stribe: admin and employee.

What is an admin?

Admin permissions vary depending on the set up within your organisation. They can have some or all of the features below. This means if you wish to have a colleague who just creates pulse campaigns you can do this by just giving them pulse campaign permissions.

-Admins manage your Stribe account. They can upload, update and deactivate employees as well as update categories and locations. 

-Admins also have permission to view the organisation's dashboard and reports.

-Admins can create and send pulse question campaigns, as well as view the pulse campaign reports.

-Admins can be instantly alerted when a message is sent by an employee and reply with guidance and support where necessary. 

-Admins can also create individual incident reports - attaching evidence if they wish - using both the app and the website. 

What is an employee?

Employees can send messages and respond to pulse question campaigns. 

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