Our mission has always been to help you create a stronger team. And your dashboard will help you achieve exactly that.

Lots of us have a good feeling about what’s going on with our team. However many of us don’t have the time to dig into the data. This means we don’t always have the tools to understand the full story. Our dashboards do the heavy lifting. We’ve given you visibility on the stats that matter, helping you quickly identify your team’s strengths and weaknesses.


The dashboard will now give you a neat overview of the number of employees you have on Stribe. You can also understand which of those employees are active/inactive.


Employee voice is at the heart of Stribe. By encouraging your staff to use Stribe to suggest ideas, recognise colleagues, and talk about anything you’ll have the information you need to create a happier, stronger team. And research shows that talking always helps.

In our new dashboard we identify categories that are increasing and decreasing so you have a picture of emerging trends. Your dashboard will show themes by teams too, highlighting which may need extra attention. We also give you a better understanding of statistics such as the average time to close messages.

All of this together gives you a richer detail. You can use it to identify areas of your organisation that need support or guide staff initiatives.


Our pulse campaigns give you a simple way to get answers to key questions you have about your colleagues. We know the information from these campaigns become the foundation for the work you do to support your colleagues. With our Dashboard you’ll be able to understand your response rate, keep an eye on how many campaigns you’ve sent and find out which teams are the best responders. And, you’ll be able to access campaign-specific stats in the pulse campaign reports (these have had a makeover too!).

We’re also introducing The Employee Happiness Graph! This shows you at a glance the average score from your pulse campaigns that use the ‘How happy are you?’ question. We learned from customers that this question is key to help them understand how their employees are thinking and feeling. Putting this graph front and centre of your dashboard will give you a snapshot into how the work you’re doing for your colleagues is affecting their happiness.


We’ve always encouraged you to host your policies, wellbeing resources and other employee-related documents on Stribe. Now, by doing this, you’ll be able to access insights that will help you create meaningful change.

You will be able to view ratings for each resource, so you can understand if they found what they were looking for. And, if they didn’t, they’re encouraged to say what they were looking for. So you can consider updating the future. Our keyword search feature will help you get to know what your staff need answers to, because we know this level of detail will help you better serve them in the future. We’ll even show you stats like how long each article has been read for, helping you gauge the level of interest in each article you upload.

Filter by Date!

Change your dashboard view and see how much has changed in Stribe by using the date filters. Just select the buttons at the top of the dashboard and set a start date on the left and an end date on the right. The filter will apply to each area of the board!

This can be useful to see how your employee count has changed overtime by looking at the percentage increase below each figure. Find out how your average response rate for pulse has increased or decreased, or just how many you've sent in the last year.

Learn how to get the most out of dashboard filters ✨ here ✨

What do you think of our dashboard? Is it something you'll use? Or is it missing something that you would like to see? Let us know!

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