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New feature: Boost your pulse survey response rate with QR Codes! (January 2023)
New feature: Boost your pulse survey response rate with QR Codes! (January 2023)

Reach more employees using Stribe's new way to share your surveys

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Our teams are looking a little different in 2023, with employees working from home, away from the desk, and across multiple sites. How can we ensure a great pulse survey response rate across everyone?

Without close proximity between teams, it can be difficult to reach out to employees. When it comes to sharing your pulse surveys, using different styles of communication will help you access everyone in your dispersed workforce. Not everyone may have access to work emails, but most people have access to a smartphone.

We’ve introduced another way to share your pulse surveys

Now, every time you create a pulse survey, Stribe will also create a unique QR code that colleagues can use to access their survey. You can pop them on posters, in your newsletters - wherever you think your employees will see them! All they have to do is use the camera on their phone ✨ et voila ✨ they can log in and respond to your latest survey!

By sharing them somewhere your employees will stop and pause (think staff kitchens, break rooms, and even Slack!), they're even more likely to take a couple of minutes to have their say.

🎯 Widen your target audience & increase your outreach

QR codes can widen the audience you’re targeting and give your employees who are offline or have limited access to emails a chance to have their say. By distributing the QR codes on flyers, during presentations, or even on posters your employees can scan and respond in realtime - without needing to open an email.

🙌 QR codes help to promote sharing!

People like to follow the crowd. If an employee sees their colleagues scanning the code, it invokes curiosity as well as a fear of missing out. By making pulse survey access a more interactive experience, employees can physically see when their teammates are taking part and it will prompt them to do the same.

Tip! Your managers have a lot of influence on their teams. Utilise this by assigning them as your Stribe ambassadors and ask them to distribute the pulse survey using QR Code flyers.

It could be something as simple as asking your employees if they’d like tea and coffee at the next staff meeting. Start off with something small that you know you can change for next time and you’ll be on the way to an easy win.

🧐 Make collecting feedback frictionless by considering placement

How many responses you receive for your QR code pulse surveys will depend on how and where you display them. Your employees will want to know exactly what the QR code will do, before they scan it. It’s vital that you outline what the survey is about, no matter what format you’re using to share the code.

And when it comes to placement, don’t be afraid to think outside the box!

Good places to share your QR Codes… Screensavers & Lock screens on PCs / iPads, Monthly newsletters, Flyers at internal events & Posters on notice boards, by the kettle, communal areas - even on the back of cubicle doors.

Using QR codes is just another step towards maximising your survey outreach. At Stribe, we want you to receive as many responses as possible so you can achieve greater insights into your team. With more responses, you can help to create a better experience for your employees.

If you need help getting the most out of your surveys or just want some tips to get you started, reach out to our people experts at 💛

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