Before you launch we recommend that you email your colleagues to introduce Stribe, explain what it is and why it'll improve their experience.

See below for a template that you can adapt to suit your organisation.

Template Email

Dear [Name],

We’re excited to tell you about a new employee engagement tool we’ll be launching for employees across the organisation called Stribe.

What is Stribe?

We want to ensure that we listen to everyone so that we can make improvements based on your feedback, and Stribe will help us achieve this. Stribe is an app that will give everyone at [Organisation Name] a place to talk and give feedback. So please do take advantage of the opportunity and use Stribe to have an active voice.

This video explains it well:

At [Organisation Name] we’ll be using Stribe for three things to start with:

1. We’ll use Stribe to send a [weekly/fortnightly/regular] pulse question for you to answer. This is fully anonymous and will give us a 'finger on the pulse' of how you feel about the business. You will receive these pulses via email or a notification in your Stribe app.

2. Stribe will also give you a place to make a suggestion, give feedback, recognise excellent work from a colleague or talk about something that is on your mind – please do use it!

3. We’ll use Stribe to share policies, resources and documents so that everything is in one place. This will make it easier for you to access the information you need.

Your answers and messages on Stribe are completely anonymous and will be received by [name/job role/department]. Find out more here.

Why are we introducing Stribe?

Creating a work environment where people feel engaged and happy to come to work every morning is important to us. This app is the part of the journey to help us achieve that.

Stribe will help us learn more about what you’re thinking and feeling and how we can do better for you.

Following this email we will be sending launch emails that will contain your login details, and we will launch the first pulse survey shortly after that.

To get the most from Stribe we recommend you download the app. Download the app for iPhones here. Download the app for Android phones here.

Thank you in advance for getting behind this, if you have any questions (or need help with setup) please do contact me.

Kind regards,

[Your Name]

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