Our pulse reports did an ok job at displaying the data you needed, but we always had a feeling we could deliver so much more for you.

Enter our new pulse reports. Whilst your headline data remains the same - delivering you concise answers to your questions in real-time - we’ve added a lot more to the rest of the report.

We've learned over the last few months that our follow-up questions can give information overload. Whilst they always create little nuggets of insights, they create hours of work to sort, streamline and summarise into anything useful.

You now have three features at your disposal that will make your pulse campaign report ready to use, export and present, every time:

Word tiles

Word tiles are categories that your respondents can choose when answering the follow-up question. They help you identify themes without needing to sift through all the answers.

Sentiment analysis

We’ll use machine learning to give you an accurate understanding of the sentiment of your campaign's follow-up answers. So very quickly you can get a feel for the respondent’s follow-up answers.

Key phrases

We’ll pin-point common key phrases within the follow-up comments and display them for you, ready to export. You can also click into individual phrases to understand the detail (because we know that’s important too).

To make sure you get the most out of your pulse campaign reports make sure you set a follow-up question when you set-up the campaign.

All of these features together will help you understand at an even deeper level what’s high priority for your team at a glance. Neatly displaying the data important to you, whilst not scrimping on any of the detail, and you won’t have to lift a finger!

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