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New feature: How to ask a benchmarked question (October 2022)
New feature: How to ask a benchmarked question (October 2022)

Ask a benchmarked question and use your score to see how you compare against other organisations

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Our science-backed benchmarked questions are a great way to see how areas of your employee engagement scores against other organisations. Using your score, you can gain more insights into what’s working and where you might need to refocus your strategy. Follow our guide below to get started 👇

  1. On the pulse tab, click ‘New Campaign’

  2. Select 'Ask one question'

    Note - you can ask more than one benchmarked question by asking a series of questions if you’d prefer!

  3. Because the question has been preset, the answer type is selected for you automatically! This is automated across all benchmarked questions

  4. (Optional) Choose whether you’d like to ask a follow up question. This will not have a benchmark score, however it’s a great way to get more insight from your responses

  5. You can add word tiles to your follow up question to help employees categorise their answers if they’re unsure on how to respond

  6. Select who you’d like the survey to go out to. This can be a fixed or dynamic audience

  7. (Optional) Customise your email subject and introduce your question

  8. Schedule your campaign

  9. Et voila! You can sit back and relax whilst your employees answer the survey

    Once you’ve ended the survey, you will receive the benchmarked score in the pulse report. This can be accessed in the ‘Past Campaigns’ tab

  10. Click ‘View Results’ on the right hand-side of the survey (this will only be available if you have received 1 or more responses)

  11. Scroll down and your benchmark score will appear below!

If you'd like more help understanding your score and how you can improve it, you can find plenty of tips and tricks in our resources section on the Stribe HQ homepage.

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