Our rule-based pulse surveys give you a simple way to get answers from the right people. To get you started, follow our simple step by step below โฌ‡๏ธ

If you cannot see the 'Pulse' section within Stribe it means that you do not have the correct permissions for this action. Contact your main system Administrator to gain permission for this action.

  1. Log in as an Admin

  2. In the left-hand menu select Pulse

  3. Ensure you're viewing Live campaigns in the sub-menu

  4. Select New Campaign

  5. Complete the first three sections:

    • What question would you like to ask

    • Pick a question type

    • Would you like to ask a follow-up question

  6. Choose between a fixed or dynamic audience. Selecting a fixed audience will mean the survey only goes out to those that match the rules at the time the survey goes live. Selecting a dynamic audience will send the survey out to anyone that matches the rules now and in the future (providing the survey is still live).

  7. Select Add audience rule Here you can choose from the following rules:

    • Send to Everyone

    • Team

    • Location

    • Line Manager

    • Working from home?

    • Start Date

      Note - You can add more than one filter to really pin down your target audience!

  8. Customise your email (optional). You can edit the Email Subject and Introduce your question

  9. Scheduling: Fixed Audience

    1. Once complete you can choose to schedule the campaign to go live now or in the future

    2. Decide whether you want it to be a repeating campaign and select the release and end date for the survey. Once you're happy with the scheduling click Create Campaign

    3. Alternatively, If you would like to come back to the campaign at a later date click Save this as a draft

  10. Scheduling: Dynamic Audience

    1. Choose whether you'd like to send your survey out once- the first time they match the rule OR set your survey to go out on a fixed schedule. This will mean they receive set reminders to access the campaign until they respond to the survey

    2. Select the dates you'd like your survey to go out on and choose your end date for the campaign (this can be left blank if you'd like the campaign to be left open)

    3. Alternatively, If you would like to come back to the campaign at a later date click Save this as a draft

See this in action in our training video below! ๐Ÿ‘‡

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