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How to bulk update employees
How to bulk update employees

Learn how to update or edit information for multiple employees

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The bulk update feature is handy when you need to update information for multiple employees.

For example; customer service employees' getting a new team leader, everyone in the company getting an extra day holiday, or the name of a department changing.

Following the steps below will update your employees with information from a spreadsheet.

You must be logged in to an admin account - and have the correct permissions - to be able to do this.

This may be the spreadsheet you used when you first uploaded your colleagues to Stribe, or a central record you use to maintain employee records. We recommend using a .csv format.

Your spreadsheet must contain columns for: First Name, Last Name, Team, Email and any other columns you wish to update.

1. Head to 'Settings'

2. In the left-hand menu select 'Update Employees'

3. 'Drag and drop' or choose file from the file search. Click upload.

4. Match required fields - These help the system understand the correct employees to update

5. Match additional fields - These are segments you wish to update. If they are you can simply match them using the drop down. If you are adding a new segment select the 'Click here to create your own'. Note - you only need to match the fields you wish to update (see video for example).

6. Review and confirm - The final step in the process is to review the data you have imported, double-check it is looking how you expected, and then confirm your upload! πŸŽ‰

Follow the video below for a detailed step-by-step:

If you cannot see the 'Update Employees' section within Stribe it means that you do not have the correct permissions to complete this action. Contact your main system Administrator to gain permission for this action.

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