Use these materials to support your launch!

Launch Presentation

Use our presentation at your all-staff launch event. It's a great way to introduce Stribe and all of our features and gives staff a chance to ask questions.

Download in PDF format (uneditable)

Download in .pptx format (editable)


Our posters are a great way to create a visual reminder about Stribe and what it can be used for. Find them here.

Launch Leaflets

Our launch leaflets explain exactly how your employees will benefit from Stribe and why they should use it. You can download them here.

Information Leafet

Our information leaflet gives a brief intro into Stribe and what it's here for! You can download it here.

Introductory Video

Our video also explains exactly what Stribe will achieve within your business. You can watch it here: 

Template Launch Email

Take a look at our template launch email if you need some inspiration for the email you send to colleague's introducing Stribe. You can find it here.

If you would like digital artwork or physical copies sent please contact us on

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